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Welcome to our little adventure! Thank you for taking this journey with us. We are just getting started! As your guides, let us first explain where we aim to take you, and then a little bit about our recipe philosophy.

Over time, we’ll explore more and more baking territory together, but we are starting off in the sweet spot where we feel most comfortable… CHRISTMAS COOKIES. We’ll let you in on a little secret, too — you can also eat these when it’s not Christmas. <gasp> Shocking! As old man Scrooge himself even once vowed, we should “honour Christmas in our hearts, and try to eat cookies all the year”… or something like that.

When we judge our creations on their potential worthiness of getting posted here, we “Cross Our T’s” and examine the following factors:

1. We believe TASTE is most important.

  • Will the first bite make you say “WOAH!”?
  • Are the flavors bold enough?
  • Do the flavors work well together? 

2. Then there is TEXTURE.

  • Some may say this is a subset of TASTE, but we judge it separately. Is the cookie appropriately crunchy, chewy, crispy, or soft?

3. Next there is THEME

  • Does it capture some aspect of Christmas in cookie form? We may stretch this factor a bit thin at times, but if you squint hard enough, you’ll see Christmas in each recipe.

4. It must also be a TRAILBLAZER.

  • We are “Adventure Bakers”, after all! Is the cookie something unique? We want to offer you new classics
  • Please do continue to bake traditional peanut butter blossom cookies (yum!), but don’t be afraid to try our original Snickernog and Krampus cookies, as well, for example. We think you’ll discover new Christmas favorites that you’ll want to bake year after year.

5. Finally, there’s TEMPTATION.

  • Is the appearance inviting? We want our cookies to be eye-catching when seen on a dessert tray from across the room.  However, we promise you won’t need to be Michelangelo with a piping bag to be able to make our cookies!

6. And… oh, wait!… It needs to be TRANSPORTABLE.

  • Whew! We almost forgot that! We want to be able to ship these cookies to friends and family around the globe.

Now onto the COOKIES!

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