Meet the CREW


…Try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!

Julia Child, My Life in France (#Ad)

We are Jerret and Beth. We hang our aprons in Virginia. We like baking cookies, hiking, and going camping (i.e., we’re true adventures, hence “Adventure Bakers”). Beth brings the baking skills and artistry to our endeavors. She has a sign in her kitchen that reads, “Baking is only fun when you lick the spoon”, and we both wholeheartedly agree. Jerret regularly wakes up at 3am with new recipe ideas he can somehow taste, and won’t find rest until the recipe is baked, revised, and lives up to that inspiration. Our recipe revision notes usually include statements like “go bolder!”

From Jerret:

“For as far back as I can remember, my mom always baked at least a dozen different cookie recipes at Christmastime. She would be sure to include everyone’s favorites, as well as try out a few new recipes she had discovered. I loved her magic cookie bars and peanut butter blossoms best. As a kid, I never questioned how the cookie tray was fully replenished each morning — cookies were just always there. Even as an adult, seeing a box with her handwriting on it arrive on my front porch in mid-December was a huge thrill… I knew it was my Christmas cookie care package!

My mom passed away in the spring of 2021, but without a doubt she continues to inspire me to bake and create new recipes of my own.”

From Beth:

“My love for baking started early. My first memories involve me spending hours in the kitchen… measuring, stirring, and licking the spatula. I was mesmerized by the masterpieces my mom created with a pastry bag. I wanted nothing more than to discover my grandma’s secrets for baking the best zucchini bread and the perfect chocolate chip cookie. I learned from the best!  I’m still trying to master Great Grandma’s sticky bun recipe, but I’m always up for a challenge! 

After a couple of side gigs working in bakeries during my college years, baking is a hobby for me now.  From birthdays to weddings, holidays, showers, and retirements — or just because… any excuse is a good excuse to bake!”

We are so excited to share these recipes with you!

We really would love to hear your feedback on each recipe we post. We do read your comments. If the cookie is a hit, let us know! If any steps in the directions are not clear or are confusing somehow, then ask us to post an update. If you have a recipe challenge or an idea for us, do send us your cookie inspiration suggestion! If you want to know why your cookies turned out below your expectations after you substituted over half the recipe’s ingredients and you didn’t see the need to follow every step… please try again and follow the recipe 😉

You can contact us directly via email.